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Ireland's Ancient East


Ireland's Ancient East - Visit Kilkenny
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Ireland's Ancient East - Visit Kilkenny

Who doesn’t love a good story!  

You don’t get better stories or storytellers than the people of Kilkenny. Kilkenny is a county stepped in history from the strong presence of early Christian Monks to the imprints of the many visitors to Ireland, both welcome and unwelcome. Kilkenny in particular has a strong connection with its Medieval past and is considered Irelands’ Medieval capital of Ireland due to the exceptional amount of structures and ancient ruins existing and still in use through the city and county today. 

Where To Explore

Take your Ireland’s Ancient East adventure to Kilkenny and explore sites such as the Dunmore Caves, Medieval Mile, Kilkenny Castle, Jerpoint Abbey and Kell’s Priory. Enjoy the warm welcome of the Kilkenny people and let them bring these attractions to life as they fill you in on Kilkenny’s deepest and darkest secrets, stories and historical facts that illustrate the past.

Heritage and Culture 

Visit Kilkenny for a chance to experience a glimpse of its past, while immersing yourself in the bustling hub where old and new blend seamlessly together. Kilkenny boasts a sense of identity, knowledge and understanding of preserving local heritage and traditions. Kilkenny’s heritage is a treasure trove for the culturally curious, nature detectives and explorers of caves and castles. 

Medieval Mile

Sitting on the stunning River Nore, Kilkenny is one of the most atmospheric and compact of Medieval cities. Consisting of narrow slipways, historic landmarks, cheerful pubs and bright-coloured shop fronts, the Medieval Mile runs through the heart of the city, linking all of 13th Century Kilkenny together. Our local tour guides will take your breath away as they tell tales of a mysterious and atmospheric nature.

Festival’s and Local Craft

Create wonderful memories with your family and friends and experience a world of arts, music, craft and food culture that is gaining recognition, praise and awards all around the world. Year around Kilkenny hosts an array of world renowned festivals and events for all ages, from music festivals to comedy shows and sumptuous food and drinks festivals.

Let us take you back in time to walk in the footsteps of our history, while enjoying the present culture of the County and its people.